This is Zipper-female Yorkie
This is Button-female Yorkie
   PORKIES - The  perfect   Designer   Breed  !!!
This page was last updated on: October 17, 2016
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These babies are 1/2 Yorkie and 1/2 Pomeranian= PORKIES!!!!!!
 Hybreds are healthy happy dogs. Porkies are small and don't shed. 
This is BEBE a 7 mth Porkie @ 4 lbs. She was blk/tan at birth.
Here are Bebe and Coco as babies.
This is Taz, male AKC Pomeranian. He is 4 1/2 lbs and a happy friendly little guy!
This is LUCY a Porkie, she weighs 4.2 lbs at 1 yr. If interested in a owners opinion 
email here for Lucy's owner.

This is PIXIE, a Porkie. She's 5lbs.
These are Porkies that the owners sent me pictures of so I can show you what Porkies look like. They are not for sale.
This is Pixie and Lucy as babies.
"We just love her so much and she has brought such joy into my life.She is so smart and loving and does really well with other dogs too.Thanks for putting such a great breed out there!"
This is Coco. She lives in Wahington.She weighs about 7 lbs.
This is GIZZY. "He's doing great, Really a good dog. Very intelligent,friendly,and has a great personality."
This is Maggie. She weighs around 10lbs.
This is Butch in Florida
KENZIE @ 4MTHS, 2 1/2 lbs
KENZIE @ 7 mths  4 1/2 lbs
Here are Butch abd Joey in Florida
This is Yuki @ 5 lbs
This is Yuki @ 6.5
This is Yuki and Po-Po. They have lots of fun together playing and snoozing.
Here is Jed on a road trip.
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This is what the owners of Yuki & Po-Po 
have to say about their Porkies!
Kenzie @ 4 1/2 lbs
This is Harlow. She lives in MO.
Here are Ruth and Poofy's new litter. They are 4 weeks old in the pics.They are up to date on all shots and wormings.Please email if you want a new companion!
This little boy charts@9 lbs as a adult. His price is $350.00
This little boy also charts @9 lbs as adult. His price is $350.00
This little boy charts@ 7 lbs as adult.His price is $350.00
The little girl charts @ 6 lbs as adult. Her price is $450.00
This little girl charts@ 9 lbs as adult. Her price is $450.00